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As the Georgia Society of Certified Public Accountants notes, accountants in the state enjoy excellent cross-industry mobility, with employment options in small businesses and major corporations. Accounting students have many options, including campus-based programs and fully online degrees. Use this guide to examine key career trends and top programs as you explore the best accounting schools in Georgia. Georgia CPA requirements include 150 educational credits with at least 30 credits in accounting and 24 in business and at least one year of qualifying work experience.

To take the exam, candidates must also be 18 years old and maintain United States citizenship or qualifying legal residency. Shared Services provides timely,
accurate transactional processing and excellent customer service. All candidates interested in employment accountant georgia with The Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency must be legally authorized to work in the United States. The Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency does not offer sponsorships for current or future employment visas (e.g., H-B1 employment visa).

Hybrid Programs

The additional 30 credits must be earned between the time you take the exam and submit your application for licensure to the Georgia State Board of Accountancy. Learners who complete accounting degrees in Georgia and plan to work in the state can also benefit from networking. Many accounting programs include field-based training components, such as internships and work-study placements.

accountant georgia

While these involve some social and networking trade-offs, online degrees provide more flexibility. Students can engage with coursework on their own schedules, making it easier to balance school with work and other life commitments. Georgia’s lower rates of online learning suggest the state’s college student body prefers to engage with the traditional campus experience. This balance may benefit campus-based learners, especially regarding peer, faculty, and employer networking. CPAs who do not send their applications on time will have their licenses moved into lapsed status. These CPAs must apply for reinstatement to have their licenses moved back to active status.

State Accounting Office of Georgia

Go to CPA Examination Services (CPAES), where you may register online or download an application form for the Uniform CPA Exam. If you attend a foreign school, your academic credentials must be evaluated. Contact NASBA International Evaluation Services to request an evaluation, the results of which will be sent directly to CPA Examination Services for final approval. Financial managers observe and analyze key indicators of their employers’ or clients’ financial health. They track financial metrics to detect trends, risks, and opportunities.

  • Strong computer skills are needed due to ongoing changes to applications that affect the way the work is performed.
  • Yes, the CPA exam is a national test with reciprocity in some states.
  • This balance may benefit campus-based learners, especially regarding peer, faculty, and employer networking.
  • Accounting students can engage with various options at Georgia schools, according to their needs and preferences.

Whether you’re a recent graduate or an experienced professional contemplating a career change, HR embraces diversity and assures growth. With a promising job outlook, diverse responsibilities, and a profound emphasis on the human element, HR within Georgia state government is a pathway leading to a fulfilling and secure future. Decide if you would like to specialize in your accounting career. CPAs in Georgia have many opportunities to specialize in areas including tax advisory services, personal financial planning and international accounting. Yes, the CPA exam is a national test with reciprocity in some states.